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The Vision

After 48 months of formula changes and the testing of various processes, a scientifically formulated solution and manufacturing process was developed. Successful independent tests confirmed our development teams opinion that, not only had they created the foremost water treatment chemical solution available to the market, but that it was also the world’s best usable broad spectrum disinfectant, suitable for all markets.

The Evolution

The founders of Stericile initially tried to solve the problem of creating a groundbreaking solution for the water treatment market in the UK. There are several adequate chemical solutions on the market already but our product development team were convinced that there were better alternatives. Headed up by Robert Wilson, this team embarked on the task of creating that better alternative.

Our Specialists

Allan Stewart
Managing Director and Founder

Allan had the inspiration to capitalise on our inventor’s initial idea of creating a new range of chemical solutions to destroy bacteria and spores but be safe to touch. Without doubt, he has the drive to take Stericile to the international market as his previous success has proven he has the knowledge and experience to deliver this project. Initially, he started and built a company to employ over 2000 staff within the energy market and created a turnover of £174m in off plan properties with his property development business. His only focus is business growth with the global market place for Stericile

Professor John Oxford
Scientific Advisor

John Oxford is the UK’s top expert on influenza and Emeritus Professor of Virology at the University of London. His work on the 1918 strain of influenza (Spanish flu) is world famous. Professor Oxford is the founder of Retroscreen Virology, a leader in the field of vaccine and anti-viral clinical trials for the last 20 years. He is also co-author of Human Virology, now in its 4th Edition and published by Oxford University Press. Professor Oxford appears regularly on Radio 4’s Today programme, BBC’s Newsnight and ITV and Channel 4 News talking about influenza and, more recently, Ebola.

Dr Nanda Nayuni
Formulation Chemist & International Decontamination Expert

A highly skilled Research Professional with over 12 years of experience in academic, laboratory and medical device industry settings, having graduated with a PhD in Human Biochemistry (Type 2 Diabetes) from Queen Mary University of London. Possessing excellent customer relations, interpersonal communications, organisational, and problem-solving abilities with a passion for innovation and new product development.

An expert consultant on decontamination of surgical instruments and endoscopes and the development of new methods for cleaning and sterilisation validation. Has significant experience in testing moist vs dry approaches, comparing cleaning chemistries, optimising washer disinfector conditions and investigating the cleanliness of single use instruments.

Robert Wilson
Inventor & Applied Chemist

Robert is an Applied Chemist with a honours degree and over 45 years’ experience as an industrial chemist. Robert was Managing Director of Scotland’s largest independent water treatment company for four years. He has over four decades’ experience in the water treatment industry and is considered to be one of the country’s leading authorities. He has led the Process Engineering of many treatment and process plants for the oil and pharmaceutical industry, working for clients such as BP Oil, Shell,Total, ICI, Beechams, Roche and Exxon (Mossmorron).Robert is head of product development for Stericile.

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