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Stericile Conclusion

With regard to the foregoing, the Board are determined to maximise the market penetration of the product. This will involve a considerable investment by way of working capital to ensure that the product is developed to its full potential and that further rigorous tests are carried out with comparison to our major competitors. The board are well aware that this will be required to penetrate major end users (such as the NHS). To this end, the Board see two major options, namely, a joint venture with the right type of business partner or an agreement to license the product to a major player in the industry.

The investment referred to above is required to ensure that our technical team are resourced to complete the level of comparative testing required to convince end users that Stericile is indeed, the foremost product of its kind in the worldwide marketplace for each industry.

In conclusion, The Board are prepared to consider any means of attracting the level and type of investment required in order to develop Stericlie to its full potential which
could include a dilution of the current equity structure or additional equity investment.

Table 1 Efficacy of Disinfectants against Clostridium Difficile

Test Disinfectant
Performance against C Diff (log reduction)
Chlorine (Sodium
1 minute - 0.22 - Clean conditions
60 minutes - 5.8 - Clean conditions
This is the standard against what all
other disinfectants are judged
10% Silver stabilised
hydrogen peroxide
1 minute - 0.17 - Clean
Endosan is the best performing silver
hydrogen peroxide
1 minute - 4.91 - Dirty conditions
5 minutes - 5.21 - Dirty conditions
Stericile is made from 5% silver
stabilised Hydrogen peroxide

Stericile significantly out performs the standard disinfectant and Endosan